Featured Site – The Evil Editor

15, November,2006

If you are one of those lucky buggers with a completed manuscript (we all know it’s luck not hard work) and are ready to begin the hunt for an Agent/Publisher, have a look at The Evil Editor.
You send him your query letter and he publically ridicules you. Very funny, especially when it’s not your query.

It’s definitely worth a look, although if you are only looking for information it’s may not be one you’ll want to subscribe to. You can learn most of what you need to know from past submissions.

He occaisionally answers questions. This week one of his minions asked how often a writer should revise their MS at the request of an publisher in hope of getting a contract. In response he has created a points system that could go on to become standard tool for confused authors.

For those struggling with Nanowrimo, I recommened beer and trampolines.


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