What’s your Geek Rating?

20, December,2006

I write Fantasy Humour and I have been looking at whether it is worth attending some of the Fantasy Sci-fi cons, but they seem a bit geeky.


My wife’s comment was along the lines of “so what’s stopping you?”


But I’m not a geek am I?

Ok, I have watched the original Star Trek and all of the spin offs, including Enterprise.  I am also watching Battlestar Galactica and Stargate.  I loved Babylon 5.

The landmark movie of my life is Star Wars Episode 4.

Why I think I am not a full geek.

  • I do not own any Star Trek jewellery.

  • I cannot name a single episode of any Sci-fi series.

  • I do not know any Klingon grammar. 

  • I don’t care if the original series of Star Trek is better than Next Generation.

  • I have no movie action figures (although I could be tempted by a Vegas years Elvis).

  • I have only read Lord of the Rings once.

  • I have never played Dungeons and Dragons or anything similar.

  • I have never played a networked computer game.

  • I have never thought of Laura Croft in that way.

  • I did not put my religion down as Jedi Knight in the last census (I nearly put down Pastfarian, but my wife stopped me).

My brother agrees with my wife.  He cited as evidence:

  • A 500MB MP3 player, a portable MP3 CD ROM and a 30GIG Iriver.

  • I own a PDA and my first PDA was the original US Robotics Palm Pilot.  

  • I have a Web cam, a Skype account, a Second Life avatar (a free one which I almost never use).

  • I subscribe to 21 podcasts, 20 blogs and 2 vlogs.

  • I paid cold hard cash to hire the videos, Buckaroo Bonsai, Battlefield Earth and Starship Troopers.

  • I am prepared to stay up until after midnight to watch all of the previously mentioned TV shows.

Ok, I will cop to being on the bottom end of the Geek spectrum (Rating 1 on a 7 point scale). 

Rating 1 – Geek-like tendencies that do not interfere with normal human interactions i.e. no outward physical manifestation, does not intrude into day to day conversation, does not make people move away when you sit next to them on the train.

What’s your rating?


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