Holidays and writing

17, January,2007

Well, I’m back.  Two weeks of sun, surf and howling wind (anyone who has been to Wilson’s Promontory in
Victoria knows what I’m talking about), but no writing.
  Ah holidays, a great time to write I thought.  I took my mini laptop (10 hour battery life – there is no power at the Prom), a freshly printed draft of the manuscript, and my note book, but I also took my wetsuit, new body board and board fins.  So no writing on the sunny days.    I also bought a few novels from my ‘to be read’ pile.  That took care of the cooler days.  I finally finished book two of Russell Kirkpatrick’s Fire of Heaven Trilogy (but forgot to bring book 3), knocked off a Terry Pratchett (Truth) and made a big hole in a Tom Sharpe (Wilt on High). 

Any daylight in between was spent doing family things. But what of the evenings I here you ask?   Well, we were down there as part of a group of eight families, all friends for many years.  The evenings were a genial mix of wit, whimsy and wine, except for the night the adults went to see Borat (the funniest and yet probably the most offensive film I have ever seen).  

So I didn’t get any writing done, but on reflection, I think I needed a break from the book.  I now feel ready for the final push and I have given myself a target.  I want to get the story edited, polished and ready to go into the world by June.   

Well, I better get cracking then.


One Response to “Holidays and writing”

  1. Phil Rossi Says:

    Do not under estimate the power of a good break…I swear…I’m not going to comment on every single entry.

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