‘in your pants’

3, February,2007

If you haven’t heard about this yet drop in on Maureen Johnson’s blog (YA chic lit author – is that a real thing or did I just make it up?) and have a look at the Brotherhood 2.0 vlog (YA author John Green and his brother Hank).

The basic premise is that the title of any book can be improved by adding ‘in your pants’ to the end of it.

Go ahead, turn around now and have a look at your book shelf.

No, not the technical manuals – Complete guide to MS Office ‘in your pants’ is not what we’re looking for.

Here’s a couple I found.

  • Vonnegut’s Breakfast of champions ‘in your pants’
  • Lem’s His masters voice ‘in your pants’
  • Foster’s The moment of the magician ‘in your pants’

Absolute minutes of sniggering fun.


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