Writing Podcasts – The Secrets

28, February,2007

The Secrets is an ‘on again, off again’ podcast for aspiring writers wanting to learn the craft. It is well worth a listen.

The podcaster, Michael Stakepole, is a U.S. Sci-fi / fantasy writer. He’s written Star Wars novels and a large pile of his own stuff. The Secrets is choc full of practical advice from someone who has made a sucessful career as a writer.

A writing newsletter, also called the The Secrets, is available from the site ($1 USD an issue). There is a sample newsletter so you can check it out before subscribing.

Michael S is currently co-hosting over on The Dragon Page – Cover to Cover, which has up until recently has been more of a Sci-fi/Fantasy reader’s podcast. A key feature of Cover to Cover has been its author interviews, but with Michael’s arrival it now also has a writer’s slant.

According to Micheal The Secrets podcast will restart, but he has to fit it into his writing workload. He’s a busy boy so I wouldn’t hold my breath.


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