Another one bites the dust

21, March,2007

POD-DY Mouth is finishing up. This person was a frankly a bit nuts.

She reviewed hundreds of books a year (1,600 in the past 12 months), and not just any books but “Self Published” books – the crap she must have read! Sifting the pearls from the swine and letting us all know about it. So it comes as no real surprise that she has finally cracked and is bailing out.

This leaves a big hole.

I like the idea of POD/Self publishing/Subsidy Publishing**. It fits into the emerging models of community and communication fostered by the internet. It empowers individuals, and on that basis alone has the potential to influence the way publishing is done.

One of the big problems for we the reader, is knowing what is worth reading and what is dross. I really hope someone (or some group) takes up the mantle dropped by PM.

**I know these are not the same thing – if you want a good summary of the differences, have a look at the Self Publishing FAQ by Moira Allen, editor of


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