The Monomyth made easy.

6, June,2007

If you are writing fantasy you may have heard of Joseph Campbell, and the Hero with a thousand faces.  It’s the supposed inspiration for many fantasy stories; a classic recent example is the Star Wars series.  Before you get all geeky and rush out to read it, a quick word of advice.  It’s a boring, deathly dull, scholarly work.

So, where can you find out about this cornerstone of thousands of cliche ridden, piles of dross dozens of great fantasy novels?

Well, you’re in luck, Gregory Lemon over on the Myth Show podcast has just finished up a series on the Monomyth. The content is still a bit dry, but not as bad as reading the original for your self.

If you want a quick read on the subject check out the Mono myth Wikipedia entry.

And a quick update on the Naked Novelist Podcast.  Brendan Gullifer is now hosting a writing show on a local public radio station (the great 3CR) called, Published or Not.   His podcast is now based on this show. It’s tight and well focused, and I highly recommend it.


One Response to “The Monomyth made easy.”

  1. Thanks for the plug. Yes, the book was dry but I enjoyed reading it.

    I hope everyone enjoys the Monomyth Series that I created. Three shows (4, 5, 6) are on the Monomyth and a fourth (8) on an example of the Monomyth using an unlikely hero.

    Best of luck to all authors! Or break a leg!

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