Insane optimism

25, July,2007

My MP3 player temporaily died leading to a  sudden burst of writing.  Instead of sitting on the train listening to podcasts about writing I found myself actually writing.

I started considering what would happen if this mass of loosely connected gags and mime jokes (and who doesn’t like putting the boot into a mime) ever got published.

Obviously, the first thing to consider is an affectation.  Pratchett has his hat, Byron had his bad boy image and pirate shirts, Robert Rankin – loud shirts and beer.  Barbra Cartland had that whole zombie look (I really hope Stephen King’s look is an affectation).

I’ve got a dicky knee from an Australian Rules football injury so I’m leaning toward a cane.  Something in an Australian blackwood with the Phantom’s head on top (should it be in silver or purple? I can’t decide), oh, and a sword inside, which I could brandish drunkenly at the paparazzi in my sad declining years.

There’s a fairly well established tradition amongst Australian celebs for taking on foriegn accents  (Kylie Minogue, Elle McPhearson, Mel Gibson etc)  so I might give that a go.  Perhaps a Dick van Dyke style cockney (if you’re too young to get that gag, go rent Mary Poppins).

I’m also considering Red shoes, but only for radio interviews, and if anyone asks why I’ll get stroppy and storm out.

It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.


3 Responses to “Insane optimism”

  1. bharthiae Says:

    You have in you I tell you! Do not ever loose heart. Keep at it. You are sure to make a mark- your mark in the end.

  2. Cameron Says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words.

  3. bharthiae Says:

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    and give your suggestions

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