Serenity vs Starwars

4, October,2007

Note:  This has nothing to do with writing – I am just letting my geek flag fly.

I have just watched Serenity.  I borrowed a digital projector from work.  I put the speakers  on either side of my arm chair.  I waited until the family had gone to bed.

Holy s**t what a movie!

I remember seeing Star Wars for the first time (the first one, before it was Episode IV) and having a similar reaction.  For those under 35, it was the first time we had seen a future that looked real, and used.  But Serenity had all that, plus better characters and a  stronger storyline.  It may be the best Sci-fi movie I have seen.

So here is my revised top five, all time greatest, Sci-fi films.

Star Wars (Ep IV)
Blade Runner
Silent Running

Special Mentions to:
Total Recall
The Matrix
Tank Girl
Mad Max
Dark Star

What have I missed.  Challenges welcome.


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