I think I’m pissed off with JK Rowling

22, October,2007

Don’t get me wrong, I have had the “what does gay mean, dad?” chat with my sons.  And no, “some of my best friends” aren’t gay, but I worked as nurse for 15 years along side some pleasant and capable gay men & women (and some dickheads).  Let me also say, I enjoyed reading the Harry Potter series. 

What annoys me about JK’s revelation is the unsubstantiated, retrospective nature of her proclamation.  There is no evidence or suggestion of Dumbledore’s* homosexuality in the series.  (Ok, he’s an elderly, single, male teacher in a British private school, which may be cause for suspicion).  

It’s all good and well for her to take a political/moral stance, but she is taking the decision about introducing the subject of homosexuality out of the hands of millions of parents who have already, or are currently, reading the book to their kids. 

To me, it looks like a gratuitous act of politically correct grandstanding.  For f**ks sake, go wear a ribbon, make a donation, set up a foundation (she’s got the cash).   

As is my nature, let me also cynically point out that she didn’t make the announcement until after she had stuffed her duffle bag with cash from the proceeds.**  

If JRR Tolkien had said, “by the way, Sam had a bit of an unfulfilled ‘broke back’ inclination toward Frodo” I would have said “well ok, I can see that”.  I still would have been annoyed at the retrospectivity, but at least he could make a case for statement. 

Do it up front, or don’t do it at all.  Let parents know what they are getting into before they buy the bloody book. 

Actually remove the “I think” from the title, I am pissed with JK Rowling, and I not sure I’ll be buy any of her future books.  She doesn’t respect her readers and I don’t trust her.  

*Has anyone else noticed that “Dumbledore” is in the MS Word 2003 spell check dictionary, but Tolkien and Snape aren’t. 

**As an aside, this was also the case for John Newton who wrote Amazing Grace.  Despite his miraculous conversion, he kept on captaining slave ships.  His public anti-slaving stance only occurred after illness forced him to retire from the sea and out of the business.    


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