Insane Optimism 2 – Movies

17, November,2007

I’m in a quandary. I’m not sure how I’d feel about someone making a movie from my (perpetually unfinished) book.

I recently watched the movie version of Vonnegut’s, Breakfast of Champions. Big name cast. It followed the story pretty closely – a brave move. It was utter crap. I don’t think it even came out on DVD in Australia.

I also remember watching Dune (the version with Sting) . Big budget effects, good cast, completely botched screen play. A total mystery for those who hadn’t read the book and almost as bad for those who had. Total flop.
Then there’s I Robot. Big name actor, big budget. The screenplay bore no resemblance to the book. Big hit (not huge, but big).

On a recent podcast I heard a published author compare selling your movie rights to selling a car. “When it leaves the curb it’s no longer yours.”
But what if it’s a car with your name emblazoned on it, that’s being used for something evil, like transporting underprivileged children to a mime school.

Bad luck!

So perhaps it’s better to forget integrity and go for the big bucks.

With that in mind, I’m thinking Scorsese in the directors chair. The over the top, comedy bad guys could easily be vicious, Afghani terrorists, and I suppose my alternative dimension could be swapped for Las Vegas. We’ll bring Arnie out of retirement to play the scrawny, bumbling public servant. As for the dog, that could be replaced by a customised V8 Harley.

When my legion of fans complain, I’ll just blame my over priced New York agent.