A word about Blurbs

22, February,2008

Justine Larbalestier, a sterling, award winning, Australian YA fantasy author (another author I haven’t read but who’s blog I follow) posted a guide to blurb etiquette on her blog. http://justinelarbalestier.com/blog/?p=1020 

It got me wondering – what if book blurbs followed the same rules of accuracy as say, a Murdoch tabloid.  

This book is a farce comparable to the Hitler diaries, the unashamed plagiarism of Lord of the Rings by Mr Millionwords will have Tolkien lovers banging at his publishers door. That this book was even published is at best a scandal.

 “Another example of a  sharletan writer that publishers need to watch out for.”

Compared to this the telephone book is an excellent read.” 

As I read this I imagined my fingers gripping the author’s throat !.” 

The best I can say, is it’s not quite worst book I have ever read.”

 In all good conscious I could not recommend this book to anyone.  If it was a dog you would beg the vet to put it down.”  

I would rather have my eyes poked out by burning sticks, my legs peeled with a cheese grater and my head stuck in a bull-ant nest than read another word of this steaming great heap of puss infected dung.”     


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