Perhaps writer’s block is a good thing

17, March,2010

All the various articles/blogs/podcasts I come in contact with mention writer’s block at some point.

Does it exist?  What do you do about it?  Writing your way out of it?   This sometimes overlaps with the issue of finding/making time to write.

I personally find the quickest way to writer’s block is having an enjoyable life.  When I go home and I want to spend time with my family, my job stimulates me to the point that sometimes I sneak into my study in the evening to check my email.

When I sit down to write it can be an effort, I’m not sure where I was up to, the ideas don’t seem to flow, and you know, I don’t care because I’m having a good life.

I’m a dilettante writer, there’s no publisher knocking at my door.  My artistic emo soul isn’t being tortured by my lack of muse.

So if you find youself blocked, maybe you should look around and thank the fates for blessing you with so many distractions.

Now, go clean up the shed, it’s good for your soul.


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