Thoughts so far

17, February,2011

  • Formal planning takes time.
  • I’m finding Ywriter very useful.
  • I wonder if all the planning will suck the spontaneity out of the writing when I finally start.
  • I have avoided numerous character dead ends and potential re-writes already.
  • Going for a walk is a better way to sort out plot points than banging out stream of consciousness crap on the keyboard.
  • Reading books that have almost, but not quite, got it right, is useful when I am plotting.
  • Research can hijack my mind and turn a good simple  story into a crappy tentacled plot.
  • Selective re-listening to a range of writing podcasts has helped me make decisions about structure and characters.

Not an amusing list and possibly only helpful to me, but there you go.

I will constuct a list of podcast episodes I used to help me plan out the story.  “Cameron’s online guide to not f**king up before you start.” 



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