Nearly winning

18, September,2013

Well I have had a productive period.

Setting a daily/weekly word limit worked and I have knocked out about 3,000 words a month.  It seems it’s better for me to have a low limit I can easily beat as opposed to an aspirational target which I can only reach occasionally. 

I stopped at 50,000.  I have the story basically complete including the ending, but because i write in very short bursts there are a lot of small gaps and a couple of clunky parts.  I have also concentrated on the story and dialog, and left out most of the descriptions.  I figure that fixing all that will bring me up to the 60,000 words. 

So at present I am doing a general plot review.  I’m using a hard copy so I can flick back and forward.  It seems to be working and I may be done by December.  It’s will be an odd length so I don’t think I’ll submit it anywhere, but I may put it up on  My sons are quite keen to get experience audio production so this could be a project we can all work on.