Welcome to Count down to a million words. Another blog by a “would be if they could be” author.

I am currently editing my first novel, in which I did pretty much everything wrong, but I’m not too worried. To quote Mur Lafferty of the I should be writing podcast, “it’s ok to suck”, on that basis my manuscript is ‘ok’, so I’ve got that. I look at it as the first installment in the one million words I need to craft before I am ready to be published.

While I am not a ‘gun’ author, I do subscribe to numerous podcasts and blogs. What you will get here, apart from my own fetid musings on writing, is a filtered view of what is happening in the writing blogosphere and podosphere. I promise I won’t burden you with my own fiction or (shudder) poetry.

If this sounds interesting I invite you to join in, if not, sod off and find something more interesting to do with your life.


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