Will Write for Wine was a podcast for beginning writers which unfortunately closed up shop recently.  The archives are still available.

The first ten minutes of each hour long podcast is focused on wine – this consists mainly of reading tasting notes downloaded from the web.  If you’re seriously into wine there are better podcasts out there – check out the list at Winecast.

The show was delivered by two published romance writers, Lani Diane Rich and Samantha Graves, who obviously enjoyed doing it (perhaps a little to much).  The show also supported an active writers forum.

The quality of the content varies from show to show, but in between the (slightly excessive) light banter are some nuggets of very solid advice.

If you have the time for a light, longish podcast, and don’t mind listening to other peple enjoy themselves, then this the podcast for you.  While the actual writing advice is excellent, this is probably not the first poadcast to listen to if you are a beginning writer on the hunt for information.

A note of warning – do not listen to this podcast with ‘in ear’ ear pieces, Rich has a shrieking laugh, and she laughs often.

On the Millionwords scale I’d give it a 600,000


Writing Excuses is a relatively new podcast but a definite must for the begining writer.

“Fifteen minutes long ’cause you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart.”

Which isn’t entirely true.

It’s run by three published authors Howard Taylor (Cartoonist),  Dan Wells (Horror) and Brandon Sanderson (Fantasy) .  Brandon is the guy who was selected to write the final book in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, so he’s no bunny.

The show started in Jan 08 and is offered up weekly – no signs of fading as yet.

The format is fast paced and to the point.  Brandon poses a question and each writer answers in turn.  The focus is on the practical aspects of writing, no interviews, no self indulgence.

If you’re unpublished and want to be a better writer, you need to listen to this podcast.

On the Millionwords scale I’d give this 900,000.